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Thread: 85 K100RT Rear Shock - Rebuild vs Replace

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    85 K100RT Rear Shock - Rebuild vs Replace

    Hi All,

    My 85 K100RT came equipped with a Works Performance rear shock when I purchased it in 2005. The Works unit has the ARS (3 position adjustable preload) system and a remote reservoir. I've added around 60k miles to it and had it rebuilt once - about 40k miles ago. Needless to say it is due for another rebuild as the reservoir is showing signs that the bladder is leaking and allowing oil to seep out. The other seals should probably be replaced as well given their age and mileage.

    The Works shock has served my needs well, but I'm wondering if the technology has advanced enough that it's time for a replacement.

    I'm not a hard-core mileage junkie and can't justify $1k + for a top of the line Ohlins or Wilbers.

    I've been reading good things about the YSS shocks available from Tom/Klaus and have contemplated one as a replacement. They seem to be reasonably priced and get good marks from the posts that I've found here.

    My question to those that know is has the technology changed enough that it would be worth the extra money to go with the YSS replacement vs a rebuild of the Works unit?

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and opinions.

    85 K100RT

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    Follow up

    For anyone following along . . .

    I had a very informative call with Ted Porter ( where he explained all the details of the YSS shock. Lots of information to compare and contrast the different options, etc. He also provided a solid confirmation that the technology difference between the Works and the YSS would be a significant upgrade. Not only in age but also in the internal design (ball/check valve vs piston/deflection shim for those that want to know).

    In the end, there is a new YSS shock being wrapped up for me.

    I'll be back with a post-install review once my work schedule and the weather in MN decides to behave.


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    Always good to hear how a project works out
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    Thanks for the update Monte. Ted took good care of me with a set of Wilburís last spring. Not only did he help me order the right equipment for my Ď00 R1100RS, he also helped me dial it in. Good folks.
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