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Thread: Scammer Update

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    Quote Originally Posted by 20774 View Post
    Lee -

    Have you heard back? My reading on this will be they can't do much. Since the Marketplace is open to the world to view and make contact, I don't think there's much they can do.
    I have not heard back but I just emailed today.
    Normally Ray will reply but may not have done so this time since the spammer was already listed.
    I don't know if they are able to block certain IP addresses when there's a obvious spammer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by detbmw View Post
    If he cashes the check, his financial institution may charge him a hefty fee if/when it bounces.
    And likely moves him in the eyes of the law from “victim” to “participant” in the fraudulent activity.

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    Back 15 years ago when I was a partner in a Honda/Yamaha dealership my partner got all excited about selling 25 Honda generators to someone in Africa. The buyer sent a $25,000 "Cashiers Check". There was some " change" due the buyer.
    The whole deal smelled funny to me, I refused to order the generators, I deposited the check, which initially cleared the bank, Wells Fargo put the $25K into my account. I spoke with my branch bank president and we put the money into an escrow account until the Cashiers Check cleared the issuing bank. After numerous emails from the "Buyer" asking for shipping status and his refund of overpayment the issuing bank refused to honor the counterfeit cashiers check. My partner was crestfallen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigjohnsd View Post
    The whole deal smelled funny to me, I refused to order the generators...
    Trust your instincts....

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    You've displayed the right red flags! I had some fun with a scammer who contacted me in mid-November and strung him along through January with different scenarios of why I hadn't gotten to shipping the parts and refund money.
    What's interesting is that in mid-December he informed me that the check had been cashed! It's still in my desk.
    I wrote something about it on the Campfire forum.

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    Scammer Update: The Check Has Arrived

    So the shipping name and address are from an out-of-business car dealership in Brownsville, TX. The check shipped via FedEx from Seattle, WA., and is from a bank in Norfolk, NE. Nothing too fishy with all of this.

    Scammer Check.jpg

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    that ABA number is bogus

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    Looks pretty legit man... cash it! CASH IT NOW!
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    On a camping trip that check would be most valuable as a fire starter.
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    The check has the wrong bank address on it.
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    I can add a new name to the list of names being used.

    Strongly suspect that Christian Amenero is also a name being used in addition to the others listed below. I've now heard from him and Taylor Greg.
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    This is getting better..
    That check is indeed a good fire starter...
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    I've had a few scam responses. All have one thing in common. They say "my PayPal is unfortunately locked up", or something like that...

    I've got some nice things for sale. Unfortunately, the scammers put off the real members... I pulled them...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ItsPhilD View Post
    So the shipping name and address are from an out-of-business car dealership in Brownsville, TX. The check shipped via FedEx from Seattle, WA., and is from a bank in Norfolk, NE. Nothing too fishy with all of this.

    Scammer Check.jpg
    Surely I can't be the only one to notice that the first parts of the 2 required signatures are almost identical and that there is no signature line under the second one. Looks pretty amateurish to me.

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    I also noticed the signatures right away. Obviously signed by the same person!
    From the only real Fargo, ND!

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