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Thread: Next set of tires for wethead GS

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    2020 R1250GSA- Tires ?

    This is one mans opinion, but I have used Heidenau K60 Scout tires exclusively on my 1200GS and my new 1250. I first tested them for a trip to Prudhoe Bay Alaska. I wanted tires that were good on dirt/road and would last the trip from central Canada and back. They did that in spades. I never went back. They are reasonably priced, give great mileage and are the best all-round tire I have ever used. I live in Yuma Az in the winter. I spend lots of time carving the California Canyons and they as good as any of the major manufacturer offerings. Many reviews complain about poor wet weather handling, but I have not yet experienced any issue in the rain. The front tire can be a bit noisy until it has a few miles on it.

    They can be a little fun installing them, because they are so stiff due to bias ply construction. I use a No-Mar machine and cannot put it on with the mount/de-mount bar. But the tire irons do quick work with installation. A good tip is to put them out in the sun for a few hours before you try to install them.
    David Nicholls
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    My current tires have worn down fast in the last 600 miles, so I bit the bullet today and re-tired. I decided to go with the Dunlop Trailmax Mission over the Michelin Anakee Adventures due to the number of good reports on them. I will see how the choice turns out. On the ride home from the dealer, the first thing that I noticed was that they drop quickly into a turn, more so than the Metzler Marathons that were put on by the previous owner. Riding from city roads, county roads and interstate, I noticed that they were as quiet as the street tires. Since these are brand new and still have the whiskers, I did not push the traction in the curves. They also seem "stiff", but I am comparing it to the well worn tires and they may be a bit overinflated- Front 37 PSI, rear 44 PSI. I will play with these pressures and post results in a few hundred miles.


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    I had just mounted a set of the Trailmax Mission tires on my '09 GSA. I sold it and got a '17 GSA. The '17 came with Bridestone Battlax tires. When they're gone, I'm putting the Trailmax tires on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidballen View Post
    I had just mounted a set of the Trailmax Mission tires on my '09 GSA. I sold it and got a '17 GSA. The '17 came with Bridestone Battlax tires. When they're gone, I'm putting the Trailmax tires on it.
    I just mounted Dunlop's on my brother's bike and he likes them even though he said that the bike felt more tractor like...
    They do feel different than the street tires he had on his GSA but they will last much longer. I am at 12500 miles and still only half way on the tread....
    The Battlax tires were not that great in the dirt and made a lot of noise toward the end of their career on my bike...
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    Baby got New Shoes - Replaced my first set of the bargain Dunlop Trailsmarts (<$100 per set) with a second set, two more sets on the shelf!.

    I got 6769 miles on the rear, the front could have gone another few K but I replaced it for $38, LOL!

    Riding on new tires almost equates to orgasms.

    The TrailSmarts are not quite as hard to install as the RoadSmarts.
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    I've just finished my first 1000 miles on the Dunlop Trailmax Missions that I had installed my 2018 R1200GS Rallye last month. Here is what I've seen.

    The Good:
    1) No discernable wear.
    2) Surprisingly good grip when leaned in the curves at speed, even with a full load of camping gear.
    3) Good in the rain, again with camping gear on paved mountain roads with 10mph posted curves and down to first gear!
    4) Good traction on dry dirt hardpack roads with a top covering of loose gravel.
    5) Has lost zero air pressure in the last month. My last tires lost 2-4 PSI in this time.
    6) Cosmetics. Several people have commented on the aggressive (gnarly was one description) look of the tire.

    The Bad:
    1) Moderate noise depending on the road surface. They can be as quiet as the previous road tires or sing a bit; it depends on the road surface. The pitch and volume can change on a road just crossing a county line. So far at it's not hit the "annoying" level while riding on any surface.
    2) When in a good lean, the tires will give a sensation like you have hit a rumble strip. This is probably due to the large sipes. After the first few episodes I realized that it did not seem to affect traction and continued leaning. I have dragged the side of my boot while on the GS with these tires.
    3) It does slide on wet moss, but what tire doesn't?
    4) With a hard turn on pavement from a stop, the rear tire does have a bit more slide than the previous street tires. Surprising at first, fun now.

    Yet to see:
    Mud or sand.
    Long distance wear.
    Trails worse (better?) than hardpack dirt roads.

    When I get back from Great Falls I should have about 6000 miles and a bit more info on these issues.

    Hey John, congratulations on the new TrailSmarts! I agree with you on the feel of new tires!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveSlash5 View Post
    My 2018 R1200GS will be needing new tires before the trip to the Great Falls rally. After several evenings studying the issue of what to get, I have come down to the Dunlop Trailmax Mission and the Michelin Anakee Adventure. The trip will run around 6000 miles or so on my roundabout route, with interstate, US highways, state and county roads, some dirt roads and forest service roads thrown in. I would like to get home with a safe margin of tread left on the tire, yet have good traction. I will be riding solo, carrying my camping gear, tools and gear.

    Now to open the can of worms: WHICH TIRE WOULD YOU CHOOSE?

    Thanks, Dave
    I've decided that my Roadsmart 3s will be replaced with Trailmax Missions. I'm not convinced I'll get 8,000 miles from the Roadsmarts, so I'll swap them out at 6K when I get the 24K service in Austin. 30K service will be in Salt Lake City, I hope the Missions will last until I get to the Seattle area. If I have to change in SLC, I'll go back to Road 5s which should get me well beyond the rally in Great Falls. If the Missions last until Seattle, I'll reassess.
    2020 R1250 GSA Low

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