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Thread: Sidecar Advice for R69 Owner

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    Sidecar Advice for R69 Owner

    I have a 1957 R69, which I have restored about 10. years ago. only has 2000 miles on it since then.I have owned this bike since the 70's and it is really special to me. I'm 72 and have right foot strength and balance problems from nerve impingement caused by back issues. I have become apprehensive about solo riding, especially if I'm riding alone. Because of this, I am considering putting a sidecar on my R69. I had an older Velorex 560 on it years ago before the restoration so I'm familiar with sidecar operation. I have been advised by some, that I should get a more modern more powerful BMW for adding a sidecar and sell my R69. This makes sense, however, I love riding my old R69 more than riding other bikes. I've been looking at other R bikes but would really prefer the sidecar on my R69. Please give me your opinions and advice. Is it reasonable to consider riding my R69/Sidecar rig? Can I take long trips with my wife in the sidecar safely. Many say my old bike is underpowered and not suitable. Granted, it is not powerful by todays standards but I see many photos of /2's with sidecars. Is the idea of my R69/sidecar just for display or can I expect to be able to take trips on it? If I were to find a different model BMW for a sidecar, what would be the best choice? Anyone have older R bikes with sidecars? What is your advice and experience? What upgrades are recommended?
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    I hope you saw the responses to your original post in the New Member area. Maybe there's more info coming, but that's at least a good start!
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    You might want to discuss this with Bob Henig in Jessup. He has considerable knowledge in the practicality of sidecars and vintage bikes.

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