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Thread: 2021 F750GS Engine Guards

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    2021 F750GS Engine Guards

    When I test rode an F750GS it was light, lithe, and responsive, with the (standard) seat height being no problem.

    Once I signed the paperwork and took personal responsibility I shook off my bike-acquisition-fog and noted that the bike carries its weight high, and that my 29" inseam is insufficient for multiple scenarios, starting with backing the bike down our driveway. This isn't the first bike where those conditions hold, but I'm not as young as I was.

    Fine, I thought: I'll work on my bike-moving technique, get a low seat, and install some engine guards (just in case). I started looking at the available options, and noticed that several options indicate fitment for 2018-2020 only. A little more investigation, and I see that for Euro5 BMW introduced a second O2 sensor, and has a small wire guide bracket that uses the lower-rear mount point used by many engine guards.

    GIVI lists a separate engine guard for the 2021 model (5129OX), but it doesn't seem to be in stock at any of the US retailers. The SW-Motech crash bar doesn't use the mount point in question, so I ordered one, but I had hoped I'd be able to add some folding pegs to the guards to mitigate the other issue I encounter with the bike: I need to stretch my aging knees every now and then.

    Has anyone else run into issues mounting engine guards/crash bars on the 2021 F750SG/F850GS? How are you solving them? Would it be sufficient to replace the guide bracket with a zip-tie or wire?

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