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Thread: Selling vehicles private sale

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    Plates in Texas? They do not transfer to a new registration. As far as I can tell there is no rebate from the state for unused months on a registration when a vehicle is sold. So some folks leave the plates on; others take them off. If a good friend bought a vehicle from me I would leave the plate on until they could got home and took the plate off. Strangers get no such luck.

    Texas has some form of "in transit" paper tag. I have never bothered to worry about it. I bought a vehicle in Florida and drove it home. We got stopped in Biloxi, MS because there was no tag on the vehicle. I showed the officer the signed title and he was OK. He did want to see proof of insurance which we had our agent email to us.
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    I traded in a 2004 1150RT a few year ago (out of state dealer) and neglected to take the plate off. The dealer sold the bike, evidently with the plate still on it and then I started getting toll road charges out of Colorado. It all got corrected after I contacted the new buyer. We discovered each other via this forum, believe it or not.

    I take my own plates off now.

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