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    New Member Question

    Hi, new member and owner of 2021 S1000XR based in the Bay Area, CA.

    I have downloaded the BMW Connected App and have connected it to my bike, however it will only read out in metric units. I have changed the units in the settings and restarted the app numerous times. Of course the way the app is set up you lose all data when you do this. I have also reset the units in the TFT and the Nav VI twice to make sure they are set correctly.

    All of this still results in the Connected App displaying metric units.

    Does anyone know the trick to keeping it on miles, gallons and Fahrenheit?



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    Welcome Paul! I am of absolutely no help to you other than getting your thread back to the top of the list. You can thank me later by posting a picture (or more) of your bike...
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    On other forums you post a "bump" to get a thread back on top.

    Sorry I can't help you either. Canada is metric so I'm good with your app.
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    This needs to be moved to the S1000XR Forum
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