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Thread: New Member, Anderson South Carolina, 2018 R1200RT

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    New Member, Anderson South Carolina, 2018 R1200RT

    Hello All!

    Over the past couple of years I have been keeping my eye out for a lightly used good condition Honda Goldwing (Honda brand loyalty). However, I have also been looking at the BMW K1600GT or BMW R1200RT. I have not ridden a Honda GL or a BMW K1600, but I have ridden the R1200RT before (one of my dad’s bikes). Although I seriously considered the larger heaver bikes (GL and K1600) I found myself drawn to going lighter (R1200RT).

    The R1200RT is considered by many to be one of the top-choice sport touring options on the market. It has lots of modern tech, a great lean angle, more than enough power (125 hp), smooth delivery, an adjustable windscreen (I am tall), and depending on the year your can find it in RED. I swear I have watched almost every Youtube video available on this bike.

    Honda brand loyalty is a thing. I have owned six Honda motorcycles (all RED except one) over the past 20+ years. But, I felt that I should diversify. The BMW brand is well known and respected and I have a personal connection and history with BMW MOA/RA (my parents are lifetime BMW MOA members). I have attended two international, one national, and one regional BMW event over the past 10+ years. The vibrant and passionate community among BMW riders was a contributing factor towards my decision to finally get a BMW and join the MOA.

    So, just a couple weeks ago a few R1200RT were on the market (hard to come by). Some were older, some were newer, and just about all of them had many miles (50,000 to 60,000 +). I was hoping to find a bike with low miles. Then, I got a Cycle Trader notification of a 2018 BMW R1200RT with 9,000 miles, and it was RED. This R1200RT was fully loaded with all options (sport package, touring package, navigation package, safety package, etc.). It was located in Asheville NC, only a short drive from my home in SC. I had to see it.

    As soon as possible I drove to Asheville to review the bike. Wow… it looked brand new. We started the bike, went over a few things, and I rode it around the parking lot a bit. The bike fit well (although some adjustments are needed and expected), the weight was noticeably lighter and easier to maneuver than my 2014 Honda CTX1300 Deluxe.

    I went home, called my folks, talked to my wife, and made the decision to buy the BMW R1200RT. I didn’t waste time. One day after the test ride I purchased the bike and brought it home.

    I am an avid rider. I motocamp as often as possible. I log about 10,000 miles a year, depending on work/family obligations. I am 'big' on community and look forward to learning more about the MOA and meeting up with folks all over the region!

    Other interests: Food. Bourbon/Whiskey. Good Beer. Cigars. Music. FUN!

    Chris Hansen
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    Welcome Chris! Lovely bike.

    I am also very Honda brand loyal but the R1200RT won out over the ST1300. In fact, I had to drive past Anderson on my way to purchase the bike from a private seller in Easley. I expect you will love the bike.

    Thanks for posting the pic.
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    Welcome from Newfoundland. I owned a Honda once many many moons ago.
    ITSteve: ride in peace my friend
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    Welcome from the Virginia Blue Ridge.

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    Welcome Chris, looks like we have about ten MOA members in Anderson. You might want to add Anderson to your profile picture.

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    Welcome Chris.
    Nice looking bike!

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    Welcome to the forums Chris... from Lower Alabama. (Lot of South Carolina folks joining lately, must be something in the water, at Greer.
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    Wilkommen Chris! Good job on waiting for the right bike to land under your lap!

    Hope you'll get over your infatuation w/red Honda products! - I 'spect your RT will serve U well in the years ahead...

    Maybe 2021 will be a summer full of many Miles & Smiles - come join the crowd in MT in June! Of course you're not too far from the BMW training center in Spartanburg. Perhaps they'll teach U a few concepts about riding a newer Beemer on their track... We took the 2-day Off-road course {food is Very Gut}!

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