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Thread: Google maps to feature eco-friendly routing

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    Google maps to feature eco-friendly routing

    Well, I have no idea how this is going to work. I donít use GM often enough to realize the current options.

    Out here in Massachusetts, they are currently converting the highway signs from numerical order to mile-marker numbers.

    Something else that may need to be factored into travel (device) planning.

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    My 2020 F-350 has "Eco" Routing as an option (along with Fastest and Shortest route options).

    My Nuvi-58 offers the following Route Calculation Modes:
    • Faster Time
    • Off Road
    • Shorter Distance
    • Less Fuel

    The Nav-VI doesn't have that, nor does Garmin's new XT.

    The algorithms used for these factor in stoplights, stop signs, speed changes, etc., as well as elevation changes. However, I suspect now that Google owns Waze, their algorithm will also include Waze's user feedback data, as well as the slower "Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs)" that Garmin Traffic currently uses.

    This user-type data has been in use for some time now and is known as "Feedback-based eco-routing (FB-ECO)". My personal observations are that while there are still issues with Waze, it is far quicker at providing routing data that is "more" up-to-date than the VANETs data that can have such a lag time as to make it useless except for rush hour traffic and incidents that have happened some time ago. Waze tends to be quicker because it is on-the-ground input rather than sensors and monitors.

    A University of Michigan study of 2,000 vehicles did the following:
    Four different routing strategies including shortest distance, shortest time, eco-routing, and
    travel-time-constrained eco-routing are compared. The results show that eco-routing can reduce fuel
    consumption, but may increase travel time. A travel-time-constrained eco-routing algorithm is
    developed to keep most the fuel saving benefit while incurring very little increase in travel time.
    It concluded that a 25% fuel saving was possible with the pure Eco setting and about 9% with very little time penalty.
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