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Thread: Pillion passenger insurance advice and questions?

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    Pillion passenger insurance advice and questions?

    I will be carrying a pillion passenger this year. As a result, I have been learning more about insurance coverage. The person in question has their own business and does not have a typical employer sponsored health insurance plan.

    Wanting to be proactive about things, I have gone ahead and upped the coverage I carry to the maximum I can get for bodily injury and such. (Progressive)

    I still need to get in writing, if I even can, what the limits of the policy are from the perspective of the pillion passenger. Almost everything I read is light on this subject.

    We are taking the MSF BR2 class this coming Sunday on the bike together. (I usually do some sort of refresher in the spring)
    EDIT: I should add that I have about 1000 miles or so of pillion carrying experience on twisties already. The refresher is only $50 so it is a no brainer to take it.

    My questions:
    Is there any resource you can direct me to on this subject?
    Is there any standalone insurance policy that a pillion passenger can purchase to protect themselves in the event of an accident?
    Is there anything else I should know? I want to take this responsibility seriously.

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