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Thread: Laurel Highlands Riders

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    Laurel Highlands Riders

    It was great to say hello to fellow BMW gear heads yesterday at the CJ BBQ lunch. But what I'm anxious to do is put some miles on my new Angel GT II tires and pass some wind out of my Delkevic pipe on my K1300S. I'm hoping to do some good riding this year starting NOW. LOL If this is the place to post away regarding points of meet up for rides to destinations, please clue me in when the mood dictates and tentative plans are made. Whenever I plan to meet somewhere I like to put the info in my phone and send a text if any plans are changed at the time of arrival, so nobody waits or worries. I'm sure Jason has this all figured out. Organizing group riding has got to be a difficult if not impossible task!

    I hope to ride out for the day to Gettysburg.....really not far for me from Berkeley Springs. But Memorial Day weekend in OH is probably the first overnight I might do...and July 4 down south sounds really sweet as well. I might do both. Again, I'm hoping to learn which is the best way to communicate times and places for meeting, etc...


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    Laurel Highlands rides

    Hi Frank! It was nice to meet you for some great BBQ too! The best way to keep up on the Laurel Highlands group events is through the Facebook page. We're under BMW Riders Club Laurel Highlands. Get on and like the page to get updates. Jason keeps the rides updated on there and it's a good place to comment and see who is going where.

    Stacey & Tim Papinchak (we were on the 1250GS and 1200RS)

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    Frank, Stacey is correct............
    Best way to communicate with our group is on Facebook.
    We use the event section to schedule rides and discuss them.
    Hope to see you again.
    Jason Kaplitz
    Johnstown, Pa
    Laurel Highlands BMW Riders #294

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