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Thread: F750 side stand exchange

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    F750 side stand exchange

    I have seen a number of posts saying that BMW has a curved side stand to keep the F850 from standing up too straight. Anyone know if there is a similar item for the F750? I have had mine fall over to the right twice because the stand is too long on anything but the flattest spots. Wind blew over once, and another time the ground was a little tilted at a gas station and it went over as soon as I got off. Most of the time I have to tilt the bike to the right to get the stand down at all. Bottom line, it is not only the 850 that has this problem. If I just had the stand cut shorter, it would still be a problem because it would not extend out far enough to hold the bike up on ground tilted a bit down on the left. Any F750 riders with this same problem? I'm generally running in Rider Only preload and Road configuration because I'm short and need to be as low as I can.

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    I am not aware of the specific question you ask. However, I had the straight stand changed to curved on my 850. My 750 had a correct stand. If I were you I'd measure your stand, then ask for some readers (or call a dealer who can measure one on the floor for you) to measure and report their 750 stand lengths (sorry I no longer have either F bikes), to see if you even have the correct stand. After the 850 stand debacle I wouldn't bet BMW put the right stand on your bike. Is your dealer no help?
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