Hello All: What is gained by installing the Wunderlinq device in the NAV VI cradle that comes with GPS Prep on a bike with TFT Screen and the Trip Computer versus using an iPhone and the BMW Connected app?

As I have been preparing to retire in a few months I have refreshed my daily rider to a 2020 R1250R with more bells and whistles than I will likely use. I have several other bikes of varying vintage and pass a Zumo 550 between them. I suspect the Zumo won't fit the NAV VI Mount, so I have been noodling on alternatives. I came across the Wunderlinq device in my research and while it is intersting and I admire the (software) engineering, I am not sure what else this combination gets me over the existing capabilities of the TFT Screen, Trip Computer (Pro) and my iPhone.

Am I missing something?