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Thread: 2006 R1200 RT repair estimate QUESTION

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    I wouldn’t be interested in a $15 pump from an unknown manufacturer, especially if it’s plastic. But OTOH it was/is common to substitute a Ford Mustang fuel pump for failed pumps on the early brick-k bikes. IIRC, OEM pumps for that bike were north of $200 and the Mustang pump was around $45 in local FLAPS at the time. Lots of Mustangs are still running around on their original pumps.

    I’d suspect there are workable substitutions for a fair number of later models; it just takes someone spending the time and energy to track them down and publicize them.

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    Battery had a full charge

    Quote Originally Posted by Omega Man View Post
    Welcome to the forum!
    If you had posed the question of the bike not starting, I would have suggested a battery check first.....Especially if it was an older battery.
    Good luck with figuring the rest of the repair out. At least you should be good to go for riding season.
    The battery was on a trickle charger and it had a full 13.2 V, when I tested it. It turned the starter, but the fuel pump was not cooperating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 90101 View Post
    The battery was on a trickle charger and it had a full 13.2 V, when I tested it. It turned the starter, but the fuel pump was not cooperating.
    Batteries can have a voltage reading that is tap-dancing wonderful across the electrolyte.
    Did it turn over?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    I wouldn't go riding with a $15 plastic fuel pump unless I had a couple of spares and a bag of tools. That thing looks like an aquarium pump to me. Just because something pumps something does not mean it belongs inside my fuel tank
    The oem pump i replaced in an f650 “scarver” looked even cheaper than the one on ebay.

    Consider that every $6 BMW can save per bike amounts to about a cool $1 million each year in additional profit for them at current build levels. Do you suppose there is any incentive for them to spend anything extra to buy “lifetime” fuel pumps? Also consider the advantage of selling only the proprietary assembly rather than just the generic pump. With a million fuel injected bikes in the field, think of the potential profit there at even a 2% annual fallout rate.

    BMW is not being evil, they are just very, very good at marketing.
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