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Thread: Hex Stops Shipments of GEN 2 ezCAN

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    I put driving lights on my RT. I old schooled them with a handlebar mounted rocker switch. All these fancy gizmos are great, when they work.

    I Considered an Hexcan or some similar device, but I can reach up and hit the rocker switch in a second, where scrolling through the wonder wheel takes a few seconds and is more of a distraction.
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    Integrating “add on” technology to proprietary technology has always been tricky.
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    Hex seems to have done a very good job of integrating into the BMW CANBus system. When the ezCAN is functional it performs quite well and offers several options on how to control accessories. The issue appears to be in the manufacturing of the physical device, some of the adhesives used in assembling are failing; or so the internet says.
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    Update: Beemershop shipped my replacement EZCan quickly, and I was able to get it installed in a few minutes without removing the rear rack. After some fiddling with firmware updates and configuration, everything works again. Great service after the sale by Ted Porter. Fingers crossed that the new unit will be more reliable.


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