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Thread: Who knew riding gear was multifunctional?

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    Who knew riding gear was multifunctional?

    16 inches of snow, 35mph winds, needed to snowblow the driveway and sidewalks before it got too high.

    Need waterproof boots... Hmm my riding boots are goretex and insulated. I'll use those.
    Blowing snow is going to get me wet. Plenty of jackets, but I don't have ski pants. Pulled out the Roadcrafter. It's goretex. With that and fleece, it'll keep me dry and warm.
    Need gloves. You know, those Harley winter gloves I picked up are windproof and waterproof....

    Got outside and the blowing snow in my face was blinding. After about 10 seconds I couldn't see anything. Went back to the garage and put on my Neotec. No problems with vision. The pinlock kept the visor from fogging. The Harley gloves have a thumb wiper to wipe the snow off the outside....

    Two hours later, everything's done. Including doing the neighbor's driveway and sidewalks on my whole side of the block. Dry as a bone, warm and comfortable. No doubt I looked like a moron or a Martian. But I'm warm and dry, so who cares?
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    I know! Isn't that cool! I did the same thing with my Neos slip-over rain boots during our snowy cold freeze here in Texas. I needed to get outside to attend to the faucets to be sure they were OK. I found I could easily slip them over my regular shoes and trudge around in the snow, and quickly take them off and set them in a corner. After the weather cleared, it was fairly easy to clean off the mud and gunk.
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