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Thread: MacOS BaseCamp 4.8.11 Route Corruption on Transfer to Nav V

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    MacOS BaseCamp 4.8.11 Route Corruption on Transfer to Nav V

    You may not want to update MacOS BaseCamp to 4.8.11 -- I found that it corrupts routes where I've set waypoints to shape the route.

    Attached are screenshots of a portion of the route I created for a trip to Skylight Inn BBQ in Ayden, NC (great Q, and a nice 3 hour ride to lunch) as designed it BaseCamp 4.8.11 and in BaseCamp after transfer to the Nav V. (Note: the route doesn't change appearance in BaseCamp until I click on the Nav V icon to eject the Nav V.) Note how the 3 waypoints I used to shape the route no longer force the route on the desired roads. When I open the transferred route in the Nav V's Trip Planner it shows as the corrupted file.

    At first I thought I must have a corrupted BaseCamp or BaseCamp Library file. But deleting BaseCamp, support files, and library and reinstalling did not solve the problem. Garmin support was no help. But I did find a work around. Gentlemen, if you use BaseCamp on your Mac DO NOT upgrade to version 4.8.11 released in December! Garmin support has been no help in solving the problem of corrupted routes, but I found a work around. Instead of using the “send to device” option to move routes to the Nav V…

    (1) Use the File menu's "Export..." function to export the route as a GPX file.
    (2) In the Mac Finder drag the GPX file to the “BaseCamp” folder on the NAV V
    (3) Eject the Nav V.

    The route in the Nav V is not corrupt, it's the route as originally designed in BaseCamp.

    I recommend that MacOS BaseCamp users not install the 4.8.11 update. If you do, then hopefully the work around works for you.

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    Thanks for the info, but I am running 4.8.11 on my MacBook Pro and just returned from Daytona with several routes created in Basecamp and transferred to my Nav VI with no issues. These routes had many shaping points as they were backroads.

    Will keep an eye out for issues though.
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    Looks like your route settings are not the same on your unit as they are on your computer. Also double check that the waypoints are Shaping points. As BMW_Ken stated, i have also had no problems from Mac to Nav

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    Quote Originally Posted by brianhinton View Post
    Looks like your route settings are not the same on your unit as they are on your computer.....
    +1 in my experience, that is what causes routes in BaseCamp to be different than routes in my Nav6

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    I have had no issues running BaseCamp 4.8.11 with macOS Catalina 10.15.7. So the obvious make sure your map bases are the same on BC and the GPS, Make sure that the preferences are identical and that the correct preference is used, Motorcycle, car, RV, etc. As mentioned I think, make sure you zoom in close and place waypoints in exact locations. Also if doing loops make sure start and end points are different, My Zumo 660LM does not like the identical points for start and stop.

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