I did it, I drilled into the plastic today. I started riding in Colorado with a heated vest and the grips and seat are great but what about my vest?

I decided based of what I have found online and in the forums to go with the HEX ezCAN, thank you guys!

Controller - have a Gerbing permanent mount that came off my last bike but then I would have to drill even more holes in the bike and run a bunch of wires. This is my solution and it is not done I just started today and I will continue to update over the next day or so, we are getting 2 feet of snow so I will have some time in the garage this weekend.

Solution - HEX ezCAN with their updated firmware you can setup one of the ports as heated gear tied to the grip settings, you define how hot the vest should be 20,40,60,80,100 based on the settings on your grips, big win! What about the wife she wants it on 100 all the time, I can use another port set to Aux lights #2 and adjust her vest in 10% increments, will be adding an LED up front to monitor the voltage and I can turn it on and adjust it all from the wonder wheel, another big win!

Adding a Dashcam and my garage door controller to another port and using the final port for some police lights (red) I had on my other bike as additional brake lights.

I have mounted the HEX ezCAN and the 2 panel mounts and garage door button, will get them connected after I have lunch with other fellow riders.


With cables plugged in, the ring around the button is blue and will be on when it has power to the garage door controller.