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Thread: low voltage to tail light

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    low voltage to tail light

    I have a 2011 F650 gs, single cylinder with 5500 miles. I was riding it, hit a major bump and the entire rear fender broke off. The three wires to the tail light unplugged themselves and looked undamaged but, after replacing parts, I find I am only getting about 6 volts through them. Any ideas before I start pulling body panels etc.? TIA

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    May be correct. If the running light looks good and it gets brighter when you hit the brake lever, I think you are good to go.
    Let us know.
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    BMW uses pulse wave modulation for tail lights on many of the recent models. In layman's terms, the ECM sends a pulse, on and off rapidly, to the tail light for running lights, and full battery voltage for brakes. It will show 5-6 volts under normal conditions and full 12 volts, (14 volts running) with the brakes applied.
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