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Thread: Howdy from Texas.

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    Howdy from Texas.

    Hello all, new member from Denton, Texas. We donít all ride horses down here.
    Just picked up an R75/6 from a neighbor who recently passed. Iíd been working on him to sell it to me for over a decade. He never would. It sat outside, under a carport against his house for at least 10-12 years. Never saw it move. Every now and then, if I saw him on his porch, Iíd go chat him up. He was a Harley guy - said he got the bike in trade for working at his friends bar in Sturgis one year. Anyway, he must have mentioned me to his family. We made a deal for the bike.
    Took the carbs off, got some kits and cleaned/rebuilt them. Cleaned the inside of the tank (looks pristine now). Put a new air filter, and battery in. It fired immediately. Couldnít believe it. It is as quiet and smooth as any bike Iíve ever had. Now that I know itís a runner, Iíll order some new tires etc. On to the brake system now. Believe it or not, they werenít locked up. I have a rebuild kit for the caliper & master as well as a new front hose.
    Looks like a pretty clean ol girl once I got 12 years+ of dust and dirt off it. I think the tins have had a paint job at some point. Frame etc looks to be unmolested and original - I think. No idea of true mileage - gauges show 2000k but you know how that goes.
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    That looks good; well done.

    And welcome.

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    Welcome, Mr. Green Jeans!! Glad the bike found a good home. You say the mileage is 2000K...what does that mean? One might be able to look at the foot peg rubbers and gage how old the bike might be. If they're pristine, then think low number of miles...if they're chewed beyond recognition, then lots of miles.
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    I never really believe low-mile 50 year old bikes. The brake pedal looks really nice, but the rubber parts are a little hard after sitting outside for the last decade. IMO, about 15 years ago someone probably cleaned it up real nice and had the tins painted. Motor is dry - no leaks. I'll see more once I have the wheels off for new rubber and brakes. You can usually tell a little more by the grease that's in there and the pads. I will say that there are no tool marks on the rims.
    If this gentleman had just rolled this thing inside a decade ago... He was a bachelor and lived in a decent sized house. There was a door to a tiled floor only feet from the bike. Luckily, he stored the seat inside.

    Anybody have photos of how the seat is supposed to be set up ? The hinges on the seat were missing.

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    Welcome greenjeans! Lovely bike. Thanks for the pics.
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    Nice find! Welcome from Newfoundland.
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    Welcome from the coast of Kansas, Greenjeans. That is a great looking machine and a great story as well. Hope it runs as good as it looks.

    Good luck.
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    Wilkommin Green Jeans!

    Good job on persevering regarding an unloved Beemer. My recommendation would be get to know the folks at Bench Mark Works, 89 Earles Fork Road, Sturgis, MS (662) 465-6444. "Vech" is The Airhead restoration expert - IMHO! Craig Vechorik and his wife have a veritable museum over there (I'm told). Now that we live in Huntsville, we might stop by on one of our 2021 Coddiwomple eXcursions. email:

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