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Thread: Ike Maxwell - for original Chain Gangers

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    Ike Maxwell - for original Chain Gangers

    I received a phone call from Ike's widow Past around Christmas 2020 informing me that Ike had passed in 2019. I had called him from time to time and knew he had moved to Columbus and was pretty miserable with his Parkinson's disease. I will always remeber Ike - riding his R80 on US 80 from coast to coast, returning on I-80. When asked what he was going to do when he was 90, he said he'd ride I-90. He didn't get to do that.

    I have not been on this forum for a long time, so maybe you all knew this. I tried to attach his obituary, but don't know if I succeeded. If not, google Ike Maxwell, Columbus GA and you will get it.

    Ike was a gentle man and a gentleman.

    Muriel (still riding Fbikes)
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    Hi Muriel, Chris in Santa Cruz, CA #782 here. Condolences on the passing of your friend. Your link to the obit works just fine.

    I saw your name and it brought back fond memories of being active on the Chain Gang forums in the early 2000's after I got my '97 F650 which I still have. Lots of good stuff on that site back then.

    Glad you still ride the F bikes. Just rode mine day before yesterday and its a hoot on the local tight twisties!

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    Iím sorry to hear this sad news. The Chain Gang got me through many a learning curve on my old Funduro.


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