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Thread: Any better tail light / brake light options for R1200RT?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gordsmarsredrt View Post
    I'm happy with the Denali B6 auxillary tail/brake light.
    I just installed the Denali B6 side mount lights ( and can tell you that they are insanely bright!


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    2013 R1200RT - Tried replacing tail light bulbs with LED's

    After numerous rounds with Advance auto parts to get the 'red' LED's, I thought the intensity increase was great, except it continued to show a fault. I could even live with this until I got so used to the fault light that I failed to notice the low fuel indicator (uses same fault signal). Nearly ran dry in middle of nowhere. Will try the accelerometer activated light that goes on my helmet next.

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    Check out Admore Lighting.
    Paul Glaves - "Big Bend", Texas U.S.A
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    I love my Admore Light

    The Admore is fantastic and easy to install. I have a 2011 R1200RT. The "hot" wire is picked up from, the powerlet and
    all the wiring is at the back. The light stays on 30 seconds or so after I shut the bike off, but that's due to the powerlet
    doing what it does.
    Admore has fast and easy technical advice if needed and the new light (2021) uses a bluetooth connection to adjust the settings
    with the Admore App.

    Quote Originally Posted by westcoastkevin View Post
    2011 R1200RT
    I like night time riding and it is impressive the way the Goldwing and Harley riders have enough lighting at the rear. The BMW is not even close.

    Are there any options for improving this situation?
    Top case lamps?
    Extra lamp kits?

    I want to know what is out there before I take a DIY approach. It would be a bit more work because of the CANBUS.

    Thanks in advance,

    I found some. Opinions welcome.
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    I have a Givi top case and installed admore lighting led kit to it.
    So brake lights and turn signals are now also on the Givi top case.
    Its higher and I feel its much more visible in traffic than additional lighting down low.

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    I installed the Cyclops Evolution LED turn signal inserts both front and rear on my R1250RS. The front turns the signals into white DRLs and the rears turn the signals into red brake lights (obviously both blink orange if the turn signal or hazards are activated).

    Both are wired through an EZCan and so far, no problems at all. I do wish the front DRL function was brighter, but the rear brake lights leave an impression on my retinas. I also like that they don't add another thing hanging off the bike.

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