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Thread: 2008 RT price

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    2008 RT price

    I know asking for advice on price is a vague request at best givien the unknown. But anyway, is $5,500 too much for a 2008 RT, 24,000 miles maintained by an enthusiast not a dealer. Has the standard stuff, cruies, heated seat, tec. but not much for aftermarket stuff. Bike is pretty clean and feels sound. I'e had hexhead GS's. Like is said vague information but...

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    Well, Kelley Blue Book says a dealer might be selling that 2008 RT for $6875 here on the East Coast.

    As for market value, MAX BMW has one listed at about $8500. A private seller in FL has one for sale for $5300 with 78K miles. Both are on "Cycle Trader."

    I hope this is helpful.
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    Seems reasonable assuming the bike is in decent order and free of any road rash.
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    I paid 6K for a 2007 last April with 37K on the clock which had had the warranty replaced final drive, drop pegs, bar risers, add-on 12v buss under the seat, rigid aux high beam lights, almost new tires, and good maintenance records. He threw in some spares but I found out he kept the service tool kit and filter wrench after I got it home. Kind of a dick move (he gave them to his son with the same year GS) as he said he was giving me everything he had for the bike and the service tool kit is really cool and compact ($248 from BMW). It came with all the BMW luggage including the tank bag (a little too big but very easy on/off) and all the soft inner bags which really work well and makes using the side cases much much easier. Does not have ESA, nor the stereo.

    All in all, it was like getting an almost new bike fully loaded for $6K vs a new bike for $18K. Hard to complain about that really. Brakes were initially annoying but when I switched to back brake only when slow speed maneuvering and arriving at lights etc, its all good.
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