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Thread: 2021 Harley Pan-America 1250

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    Quote Originally Posted by GTRider View Post
    The Nova project...

    Vega engines were very good for one thing—melting down to make cast aluminum projects in school shops across the country.

    Yeah, I recall that engine. That was a long time ago. When I hear Nova, the first thing that comes to mind are cars.
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    I get a little angry when people hate on Harley, they like many American companies, are full of innovative, smart, creative, forward thinking, clever engineers and technicians. That project proves it and would certainly have been a revolution to the industry, who knows where they'd be today if they'd bet the farm.

    I believe they missed the boat with the V-Rod engine as well. I think others here have mentioned, but that motor in a capable touring bike frame would have been a tough competitor to the RT or the Goldwing.

    I find it funny that they make their marketing tent so small, selling only the one image/lifestyle. Seems to me they could easily expand much as BMW has done. Hopefully this model will pave the way.
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