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Thread: About time I introduced myself.

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    About time I introduced myself.

    Joined a while ago and figured it was time to introduce myself and throw a little background out.

    64 and started riding about 50 years ago. Started on a Rupp Enduro and from there every couple of years upgraded. 69 Yamaha 175 Enduro, 69 Yamaha R5C 350, 74 Yamaha TX750, 78 HD Superglide, and a 77 HD Electraglide. Joined the army, got married, sold bike, worked construction and got divorced. In 2011 took an early retirement from the Laborer's union and moved back in with my parents. Dad had dementia and mom needed help. After he passed in 2013, took care of mom till I was unable to do it anymore and had to mover her to the home where she passed this spring. My brother had a spare 2007 Ultra Classic so in return for helping him around the farm he insured and liscensed it for me so I had access any time I wanted. Totalled it out about 6 years ago but only ended up with six busted ribs. Second bad accident I was in without a brain bucket and figured the third time wasn't gonna be lucky. Said I'd never ride again. Well things change. Was diagnosed this fall with Multiple Myloma (a type of blood cancer) and decided that there were a lot of places I want to see yet before taking a dirt bath.

    Knew I didn't want a HD, so looked at some Indians but they didn't flip my skirt. I wanted something different. Went to the BMW dealer, about 80 miles away and saw a holdover 2019 1600b with 1 mile on it for sale. After coming back home and doing extensive reading and video watching went back a week later and bought it. To cold for a test ride tho. The dealer is storing it till the weather warms up and I can ride it home. Already have a Sergent seat w/back rest and a few other things to put on it but probably still be at least a month and a half till riding season here in MN. Treatment is going well and I'm as excited as an alky with a key to a liquor store.

    Did buy a Shoei J-cruise helmet tho.

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    Thatís quite an intro......Welcome to the forum!
    To good health and safe riding
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    Welcome from the coast of Kansas. Seeing as how you will be on the largest BMW and I am on one of the smallest, we are likely very different riders, but I'm happy to have you with us on the forum. Good luck and maybe we'll run into one another somewhere on the road.
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    Welcome jt1135! Glad to hear treatment is going well. Positive vibes sent your way for that to continue.

    You mentioned you looked at some Indians. I think the Indian scouts (all models) are great looking bikes. Would love to see a picture or two of your 1600 when you take possession.
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    Welcome from Newfoundland.
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    Welcome JT1135. Do you know how to get to your PM? I will send you one if you do. I also had a Yamaha R5C 350.

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    Welcome. Stay healthy and get out there on that beemer soon as you can. The K1600B is a lovely, smooth powerful bike.
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    Welcome Aboard the MOA forum, JT from Rocket City USA!

    If I may offer my 2 cents, perhaps some professional m/c training would be a help after two crashes AND a powerful new Beemer under your behind! FWIW, we took the three day curriculum with former MCN writer, Ken Condon. It was fun & worthwhile! -- Use his site as a basis for further research. Team-HSV both enjoyed Tony's Track Day (me more so than Karen)! I used my K-GT and HSV-K was on her F650GS in a separate rider-level. I just think you're gonna need some recalibration with such a screaming machine...

    Hope Spring arrives soon for your sanity's sake. Happy Trails; maybe we'll se U in Great Falls in June!

    HSV-Phil & HSV-Karen

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