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Thread: Black K1300GT's ?

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    Black K1300GT's ?

    I figure this must be a pretty rare bird. I've only seen one set of fairing pieces on Ebay in some kind of black graphite. I saw the factory color code sticker on it so it came that way. Never saw a picture of a black one. Most i see are Red, Blue, and Gray. Mine was blue. Now the reason i was wondering about this is i have the pieces off to have painted. Friend has a body shop so it's good to know someone. I chose Harley Davidson Vivid Black and he is going to use some kind of super glossy clear coat. I saw another bike he painted and it looked like you were looking in a mirror. So anyway i may wind up with the only BMW K bike painted Harley black.

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    Painting your bike Harley Black...?

    Prepare yourself for an unaccountable urge to buy chrome add-ons and for your bike to start leaking oil.

    (and before any Harley owners light their hair on fire, its a joke)

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    Well actually i do own 3 Harleys but even i can see the humor in that. Mine don't leak oil though. Two of them are Vivid Black and the XR1200 is Orange. Actually my 2005 Dyna FXDX is the most reliable one of the bunch. 91,000 miles and the only thing i've done is replace the wheel bearings, brake pads, and the primary chain tensioner, both routine maintenance items.

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