Hi Everyone:

I may put this in several outlets as I am curious as to what others do to warn on-coming riders of hazards ahead.

Yesterday we rode the Buckhorn Canyon (northbound from Masonville) west of Fort Collins, CO. We came across a few short sections of the roadway that was covered in snow and ice, with melted water across the rest of the road. We picked our way through, but further ahead we could see the entire road was covered from edge to edge with snow and ice. Knowing the next miles were going to get worse given the increasing altitude and a canyon that remained in the shadow for another 1/2 mile, we turned around.

A few miles later heading back towards Masonville a small group of superbikes went past us at a high-rate of speed heading towards the snow and ice covered road, but I couldn't think of a way to warn them of the hazards ahead. By us coming at them, they might interpret that the road ahead was clear.

A few days before that it was a flock of roughly 40 turkeys all over the road and a on-coming Colorado State Patrol on his/her RT and last fall it was snow covering the exit of a corner and an on-coming vintage CB750F.

I've been riding for decades and I'm familiar with common hand signals, but nothing about impending danger ahead, sometimes miles ahead.

What, if anything, do you do to warn on-coming riders of hazards ahead?