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Thread: Ketchum/Sun Valley Route

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    Ketchum/Sun Valley Route

    Has anyone traveled from Ketchum/Sun Valley ID by way of Sun Valley Road and 408/208 to US93? The road is closed in winter and I assume is dirt. Is the road suitable for an RT in the summer. I will be traveling from Boise to Stanley to Ketchum to Salmon and prefer not to return to Stanley.

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    Ketchum/Sun Valley Route

    Forest Service Rd 208, commonly called the Trail Creek Rd is gravel/dirt in the middle section over Trail Crk Summit (8140 ft.) The climb up headed east would be slow but it's scenic, don't think you would have an issue on an RT. It smooths out nicely on the east side of summit (gravel) before joining the pavement again and then state hwy 93. Did it a number of times on a GS, V-Strom, KLR, don't think it would bother you on the RT though. Nice country.

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