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Thread: Moskomoto bags with Giant Loop Mounts

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    Moskomoto bags with Giant Loop Mounts

    When I got my 2019 F850 GSA putting the right panniers on it was very important to me. On my previous bikes the boxes had been hard either plastic or metal. They were great for carrying stuff, but the factory plastic didn't do well if the bike ended up on it's side, which happens when you ride BDR and forest service roads and the metal had caused me damage more than once when my leg slammed into them.

    I had read a number of comparison of soft and hard panniers and for this bike I choose the Moskomoto 35L set which I have really like and used a lot over the last two riding seasons.

    The Backcountry Pannier is our flagship product, designed for long-distance adventure touring, hardcore enduro-style riding, and camping from your bike. This kit includes two 35L bags, for 70L of total capacity.

    With bomb-proof construction and heavy-duty materials, these bags can really take a beating.
    mml35.JPG MM-Mount.JPG

    What I have not liked was their mounting system. When the bags are off the bike, the mount blocks access to the back wheel, and if you have been riding and they get mud or dirt on them are often hard to side the bags off and on. The locking system on the version I have is located in a position that often leave me with a barked hand with trying to lock or unlock.

    The other day I saw a blog posting of a new F850 GSA owner which had replace this mounting system with the Giant Loop soft bag mount and the result really caught my eye. GL soft bag mount fit the R1250 GSA & F850GSA mounts. I had one on order that same day. GL is in Bend OR and I had my new mounting system two days later.

    Giant Loop’s award winning Pannier Mounts offer greater adjustability in the ultimate quick-release, lockable solution for soft luggage and gear. Combine with Round The World Panniers, MotoTrekk Panniers, Rotopax gas/water cans for installation on many popular side luggage rack systems, including Yamaha Ténéré 700 OE, KTM Powerparts, Royal Enfield Himalayan OE rack, Indian OE single-side luggage carrier, Bumot, ADVM X-Frames, Touratech, Brooks AutoSports, Givi Outback (2019 and earlier), Outback Motortek, Hepko & Becker (Standard and Cutout) and BMW R1200 GS Adventure, BMW R1250 GS Adventure and BMW F850 GS Adventure original equipment. Will not fit BMW 800GSA Factory Side Luggage Racks.

    Once out of the box, you should take the mounts out to your bike and adjust them to fit your specific rack. On my GSA there are tabs on the rack that interfered with the lower mounting loops. So I move the lower loops to a different location on the mount and adjusted the spacing for a perfect fit. The GL mounts and the bag mounting screws don't line up as the mount is smaller than the bags. An intermediary layer is necessary to mate up the two systems. I used the bag part of the Moskomoto mounting system, but a sheet of aluminum or every a 1/4 piece of plywood would work fine. It took me a couple of hours to complete the work and I am very satisfied with the results.
    0131211646_HDR.jpg 0131211648.jpg

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    Nice setup, I’m planning on a set of Reckless 80’s if I ever have any $$ again. I figure they will certainly work on both of my KTM’s but they’ll probably work on my Beemers too.
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    I have been toying with doing this for a couple of years. I want to be able to switch, without messing around with unbolting hardware, from soft and hard cases. I am torn between the Giant Loop (GL) Round the World and Mosko Moto (MM) Backcountry 35. The Backcountry 35 for its modular sizing options, the GL Round the World bag for its price, about $600USD less for the configuration I seek.

    I like the idea of the GL bracket. This answers several questions but one. Were you not able to mount the MM 35 directly to the GL bracket without the MM horseshoe plate on the back of the MM 35? I see your note about the intermediate layer but, can't you just use the hard-plate inside the MM 35?

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