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Thread: 2012 GSA dies

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    I would like to have it hooked up to a device and a check for codes/trends promptly after it quits. If at a dealer, a computer download of the “latest and greatest” of the current program- if it hasn’t been done in a while.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bugman98 View Post
    I started thinking about the kickstand switch issue more, and while that may be the issue for the OP, as he notes that the bike dies at any speed, that's not what happens to me (or my brother's GSA). In our cases the bike dies whenever the RPMs are low and the clutch lever is pulled in. Typical scenario is coasting to a stop: Bike is in gear, pull in the clutch, close the throttle and it just dies like I hit the kill switch. It seems to die about 1 out of 25 times.If I remember to leave the throttle open just a bit or blip the throttle so that the engine RPM doesn't fall down to idle I can keep this from happening.
    Seems to me that if my problem were the kickstand switch it would/could happen at any time. Instead my issue is somewhat predictable. Thoughts oh wise ones?
    About once a month my 2007 RT would do the same thing. While coming to a stop, I would notice the tach needle dipped to 800 RPM, then go back up to the normal 1,100 RPM. Within a day or two, the engine would suddenly die as you have described, but would always restart immediately. I started using Techron, Sea Form, Star Tron, or any injection cleaner about once a month, and the problem disappeared! Once a year I use some Iso-Heet water remover. You might want to give it a try.

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