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Thread: Tank bags and windshields

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    Question Tank bags and windshields

    I'm looking for any info/insights on tank bags and aftermarket shields anyone has tried and either loved or hated for 2003 GS. Thanks.


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    using a marsee bavarian bag on my '03 and have been very pleased with the co. and the quality.
    when/if i decide to buy another tank bag i'd go back to them.
    also have an aeroflow, little pricey but no complaints.
    lot of different opinions out there.

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    We had a pretty good discussion here. I found it by poking around with the search button.

    GS tankbags
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    tank bags and windshields

    I use a Wolfman Explorer bag on my '04 GS. Very solid (4 pt. mounting system), big enough for quick trips to the store and it came with a carrying handle for when I want to take it with me.

    I don't know what you're looking for in a windshield, but have you looked at the Tobinator? Most of the complaints I've seen about the windshield are about buffeting. It fixes this problem for about $60.

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