Hey everyone,
Writing here because I bought an Dove white R26 last summer and was starting to work on it. While the bike runs, I immediately ran into some issues. When looking at the carburetor I saw the previous owner had slapped a Mikuni carburetor on, which the flange was hammered on just to get it to fit. So I went forward and purchased a rebuilt Bing 1/26/46 carburetor from Germany. However once I mounted that it started leaking fuel everywhere so I have to tinker with it. So I have questions for the forum....
-Does anyone know what model number Mikuni fits these model BMWs because Id like to try fitting it. I find that many of the models do not have the right size to fit as an exact replacement to OEM carbs.

P.S. I am not a professional mechanic, Im just an average joe with interest in these beautiful vintage BMW bikes.

Heres a pic of the beauty: