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Greg: I was unaware that Simple Green created a new product since the 90’s.

Lee: we were using “original” simple green... that was the culprit.
The Simple Green home page lists many, many products. Unfortunately, they don't list the introduction dates, but I would believe it reasonable that many of them were introduced withing the last 20 years. https://simplegreen.com/products/

A company pretty much has to add new products to remain competitive. Look at all the things WE40 offers. There are three pages at this site: https://www.wd40.com/products/

I used their Purple cleaner to de-grease the rear chain on a Triumph I bought used about five years ago. The bike was 15 years old and from all appearances the chain had been regularly lubed but never cleaned. It was so stiff with old lube that there was a *lot* of resistance to just turning the rear wheel. I used the Purple cleaner (Pro HD) with a chain brush and a lot of work but got it looking and working like new. https://simplegreen.com/products/pro...ner-degreaser/