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Thread: Myself and my new bike

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    Cool Myself and my new bike

    Just forgot to add this photo on my original post. Not only am I new to the BMW brand, I am also a total rookie to the forum scene. Bear with we.

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    We’ve all been there... click the “photo” icon in the menu bar and follow the pop up instructions to upload a photos from your photo library.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    It can be a bit confusing on the picture upload. To help you get a “feel” for how it is done, have a look at this thread-

    About half way down, one of the members did a bit of a tutorial that will help. Other considerations are picture size. Around 1MB is a good start.
    Enjoy the forum.
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    I think a better more recent example of how to upload a picture is in this thread...check post #15 and 16:
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