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Thread: R27 Right Hand Turn Signal Switch

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    R27 Right Hand Turn Signal Switch

    The switch housing is chrome, but the top paddle is broken off. I don't know what the top paddle is for. Before I took it off on the perch the right turn signal worked, and still does. With the cover off, the plastic inside the case is broken also. From the outside edge the center of the switch is connected to the grey wire; the black wire is connected to the left turn signal; and the blue wire is connected to the right turn signal. These connections are good, because the right turn signal works and there is continuity between the blue contact and the left bulb socket. I hot wired the bulb with a 6 Volt battery, and it is good. I did not check that the left socket is hot with the turn signal switch on the blue contact (tomorrow). The red and grey wires go inside the broken switch, and I can't see what they are connected to. I don't understand why the left turn signal doesn't work.
    My Barrington Motor Works R26-R27 Service Manual has arrived...

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    Start from scratch

    You would be better served to get a replacement switch, either a correct replacement from Bench Mark or other source or an aftermarket that will do the job. Disconnect and trace the wires so you know where they go and then wire the switch according to the newly arrived Barringtom manual

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