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Thread: Heated Grips for 2020 F850GSA

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    Heated Grips for 2020 F850GSA

    Hello everyone, I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to which brand of heated grips would fit on a 2020 F850GSA. I purchased a pair of R&G Premium Grips, but the shop told me that they would not fit the handlebars because of the complexity of the current grips and system. Instead they suggested the OEM grips which run near $1000....I'm thinking that's quite a bit much for heated grips.

    Has anyone successfully installed any aftermarket grips? Thank you!

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Sounds to me like you may want to try a different shop. There is nothing magic about BMW handlebars.

    I've had Oxford grips on three bikes and they are a fine product. Get hotter than any BMW grips I've ever had and never failed. They have an automatic shut-off if they sense low voltage. I suspect your shop was concerned about running aftermarket heated grips on your bike because of the CANBus electrical system. Because of the CANBus, you will need to run them directly off the battery on a fused circuit, or better still off of a fuse block or power distribution module that provides switched power.
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    Thank you Kevin,
    The main issue that we saw was that the sizing was off. They some other handlebars and grips lying around so we took the time to compare the inner diameters of the grips compared to the other grips, throttle and the bars. What we found was that the left R&G grip fit just fine, but that the right R&G grip left too much space between it and the throttle. I'm wondering if it's just the R&G grips and that maybe the Oxford grips would work, as you suggested. It's going to take some more investigation...


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    Welcome to the forum!
    I find the heated grips on the F800GS just ok. Best when it happens to get chilly when you were not expecting it. With gloves, the heated grips are insulated from your hands unless you have snowmobile style gloves with less insulation in the palm area.
    Heated mitten style gloves may be a way to go for you.
    Just a thought.
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    Well now, think about this. The inner diameter of the two twist grips needs to be different. The left grip fits on the handlebar, be it a 7/8" or 22mm as BMW uses. The right grip fits over the sleeve that is the twist portion of the throttle, which itself fits over the bare bar.

    If the heater goes over the existing grips fine. If they replace them then they bust be different inner diameters. So what goes where matters a lot.
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    Right, when we looked until the stock grips we could see that they would just slip on like they're suppose to and that the throttle was actually thinner than expected leaving too much gap on the inner right. Seems like BMW did not want it to be so simple like on a Japanese bike for example.

    I'm considering my options and going to try some heated glove liner to fit them into my existing "winter gloves". Depending on that I can make a good choice I hope!

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    Bummer - I can also see where the "wonderwheel" could interfere with the oxfords.

    In my personal experience, heated gloves or glove liners will warm your hands much better than heated grips, but they do take space and planning to make sure you have them when you need them.

    I haven't personally installed them, but I wonder if you can utilize the thin heated elements that would go under your OEM grips.

    Otherwise, maybe take a look at the Oxoford over-grip wraps - though somewhat inconvenient, they may be another option.
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    Oxford grips are trimmable and lefts/rights can be purchased individually as replacements or if one is adjusting a length issue.

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