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Thread: fender repair

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    fender repair

    Hi everyone.
    another day... another question

    the rear fender on my 1971 R75/5 has some damage to the hole where the tag bracket mounts
    the hole is "wallowed" out where that bolt goes through

    I'm going to be seeking paint and pin stripping down the road
    the material of the fenders is almost a fiber-glass type of material

    I would like to repair this hole, before it goes to paint

    what is the proper product to use?

    can I use fiberglass repair ?... or better with something else?

    thanks for your input and experience

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    Check one of the threads in the Similar Threads below.
    Kurt -- Forum Liaison ---> Resources and Links Thread <---
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    Thank you Kurt !

    I tried the search feature... but completely missed the system related threads on the bottom of the screen

    perfect.... thank you...
    looks like I need to buy some fiberglass repair materials.
    at least my damaged area won't show under the license plate...

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