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Thread: Warm N Safe Jacket Liners on Sale

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    Warm N Safe Jacket Liners on Sale

    Warm N Safe has the Generation Waterproof colored heated liners on sale. Red or Yellow in the Men's and Red, Yellow or Grey for women.

    We had Gerbing jackets since 2003. They worked good but I did not like that they didn't have zippered pockets to hide the three cords when not used.
    Debbie didn't like how the rib knit waist would ride up her back.

    The Color waterproof breathable jackets have been on sale for awhile and when I saw a extra 20% discount code on the ADV Forum in the Vendor forum we decide to order a couple.
    My Red jacket cost $144, Yellow would have been $120. Debbie's Grey jacket cost $120.
    Even without the ADV discount the jackets are a good buy.

    I normally wear size Large and the Warm N Safe Large fit me. Debbie normally wears Large but hers was too small (short in the arms and body plus a little tight) and had to exchange for XL.
    With mailing hers back she ended up all in for $140 for her jacket.
    Turn around time was very fast. I used Priority mail and Warm N Safe used Priority Mail and the turn around time was seven days. Iowa to Oregon.

    The waterproof breathable material has a nice soft feel and they have a nice look when not covered by your riding jacket.

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    Both jackets have reflective material.

    Link for the main website

    This link explains the different liner generations
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    Voni has had her RED Warm N Safe jacket liner for several years. She got it the first minute or so that they were available in Red. It is excellent!
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    I used mine last weekend and it works very well! It got in the low 40's down here...
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    Thanks Lee for the heads up on the "advforum" promo code. A $290 heated jacket on sale for $180, then a 20% discount bringing it down to $144, now that's a no brainer for a heated liner if you need one. They even have it it tall sizes, so my long arms will stay warm. I had researched the heated liners on the market and had decided that Warm & Safe would probably be the liner I would get, but put off ordering it until after the holidays. Now I'm glad I waited; with the jacket, remote heat controller and accessories that I ordered, full retail would have been $419, but it came out to only $244 with the sale and promo discount. NOW THATS A DEAL!
    Thanks again.

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    Lee, thanks for posting this. I sent the link to my friends at church, a couple that rides a very nice Harley. I suggested electrics, as they were taking a long winter trip. The sale and your post couldn’t be more timely.
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