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Thread: paint code for Granada red

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    paint code for Granada red

    Getting ready to paint the 1974 R90/6 I would like to keep in original, does anyone know the paint code for Granada red, or where I can find it? Thanks!!


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    Snowbum lists paint information on this page:

    More info here:
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    Holt Design

    Kent Holt is the expert on paints and colors. You just need patience and a willingness to pay for the expertise.

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    I added a bit to your title so it will help attract attention and others when they search for the same information.
    Good luck.
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    From Andy Schwietzer, "Boxer from /5: BMW Motorcycles from 1969 to 1985":

    He shows (p134) "bol d'or red" (code 026) with a white pinstripe (526) as the stock red color for the '74 R90/6. But, he lists "granada red" as code 023. FWIW he shows granada red as a stock color on the '73 R75/5 with a white (code 523 in this case) pinstripe. The color difference he shows in the book (p136) between the bol d'or and granada red colors is subtle, but definite.
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    Remember that BMW indicates a paint code that encompasses all paint used on a bike ... main color, pinstripes. If you still have the sticker on top or your rear fender, this is the code indicated.

    Then, each individual color has its own code (it's different) and that is the color you reference when talking to paint suppliers.

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    Paint Code for Granada Red

    Here's the PPG/Omni paint code from a '71 that I did a few years ago.
    Code 71568
    OEM Code: 23.3618
    Granada Red BMW
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    Grenada Red looks good on early Airheads. Just an opinion.

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    There is a problem with using older paint codes and formulas

    Most paint manufactures are constantly changing the make up of they're base and tints for the paints in order to comply with constant changes in environmental laws and standards. When the base changes so do the formulas to make the color you want. When they change the tint formula its the same thing. Most decent paint retailers can find a close match to what you want but the ones that get an exact match for your color are not very common. Believe it or not the color of the primer you use can also affect the color you end up with, it can be darker or lighter depending on dark or white primer under the top coat. Granada Red on a /2 is slightly lighter than the same color on a /5, I have both in original paint and side by side its pretty obvious even though I do have color vision challenges.

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