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Thread: Paint for R27

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    Paint for R27

    I believe the original lacquer paint, ivory number 378, is still on the bike. The front forks are very rusty. I found single stage paint from my supplier and lacquer from R&S, both claim to be the proper color. I got a small sample of single stage from my supplier that looks right. Any suggestions about the single stage-lacquer choice? I remember when hot rods had twenty coats of hand rubbed lacquer and the guys complaining about all of the trouble they had getting it done. My goal is to restore the bike to as close to original as possible. It hasn't been touched since 1977.

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    I believe it was Backed on enamel

    Not sure about that. Its called Dover White, if you want a perfect match to original and don't mind a rather steep price Kent Holt at Holt Design can fix you up with a perfect match in Glasurit single stage. Most paint & body shop suppliers will match it to something close that has a known formula and tell you that's the correct color. There's a lot of sources for the paint out there, if you want a correct color that field of sources narrows down considerably. I always go with Holt when I want it 100% correct.

    I got the Dover White for the 2 small gas tanks from Holt 20 years ago and it still matches perfect. The Bristol Grey R 69S paint in the background is also a Holt perfect match. The Turf Green R 69S I putting together is another Holt perfect match for paint. I have a Granada Red R 60US that I just got paint for from Holt and it matches the original paint on the bike that hasn't faded.
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