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Thread: New to the forum, Just bought BMW R1250 GS 2020

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    New to the forum, Just bought BMW R1250 GS 2020

    Hello All Wonderful People,

    I just Bought my BMW 1250 GS and traded in my HONDA Africa Twin 2016. I am enjoying the 1250 so far and have all the farkles on it. Looking forward to go on rides with fellow MOA riders.

    Happy Riding Always!

    Chetan S Thakur

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    Welcome to the forum and to BMWs, Chetan! Just to be sure everyone gets to read about your new bike, one of the moderators will be moving your post to the Wethead section of the forum. Your bike is one of the newest twin cylinder bike's offered but it's not an Airhead! Nothing for you to do at this point...just wait for your post to be moved to get fellow Wethead owners to join in!!
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    Welcome Chetan,
    I’m glad your hear. It sounds like you have completely dived into the BMW riding community. As an MOA Member, be sure to also dive into our website, check out our benefits page, check out our foundation and get a $250 scholarship for the training of your choice, and last but not least, fill out your profile on the website and download the anonymous book app.
    This is your club now, take advantage of every benefit you can sir. Hope to see you on the road soon.
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