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Thread: Shipping a bike to the UK and riding -- suggestions & tips

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    Shipping a bike to the UK and riding -- suggestions & tips

    My significant other and I are thinking about living in the UK for 4-6 months in the next couple of years. She has dual citizenship and relatives who have vacant rental properties in London and southwestern England.

    I gotta believe being there that it'd be cheaper to ship my bike there rather than rent, or even buy one and sell it later.

    How long can I rely on my US registration?

    Does anyone have an experience doing something like this that they would like to share?

    Thanks much,

    Mark Hoffman
    Fond du Lac, Wis
    2003 BMW K1200gt

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    You can fly a bike pretty cheap from Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver via Air Canada or Westjet if covid hasn't completely shut down their wide body flights.
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    This Adventure Rider Radio podcast and webpage covers a lot of the detail on Air Canada and their bike shipping program:
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