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Thread: Winter has arrived

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    Winter has arrived

    It looks like we wonít see temps above freezing for a while, so Glenlivet and I put his sidecar rig up on jackstands and started our winter ritual of cleaning and inspecting every nook and cranny, every fastener and electrical connection. All painted surfaces will get two applications of sealer, but no mods are in the offing. With luck and widespread vaccinations, next April will find us enroute to the Montana rally via a meandering path.

    Glenlivet tends to watch me closely as I work, cleaning my glasses now and then, taking occasional naps at my side. We hope to see many of you in Great Falls next year

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    Itís time for me to get another dog
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    I love how he is right under there "helping"!

    I had a Cocker Spaniel that would keep close to me when I was home, but hated the shop. It the summer the pup would sit just outside the door and wait for me and watch the kids play. One winter I set up a bed for her in the shop thinking if she was comfortable she might lay down and nap, but she would stand by the door impatiently. I don't think she liked the noise. I would just leave her in the house in the winter and my wife told me she would sit by the door and wait.
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