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Thread: F800gs seat for someone suffering from NBS

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    F800gs seat for someone suffering from NBS

    Another seat thread for a replacement seat for someone suffering from NBS (no butt syndrome). Although my sit bones donít start hurting hen riding less than an hour, my tailbone starts hurting within 15 min. Added the air hawk and now can tolerate a ride for 30-45 min, but then tailbone pain again. Anyone recommend a sear?

    I find that leaning forward definitely helps take off the pain from the tailbone.

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    My stock seat was painful. The Sargent seat a bit better. The Sargent with an Airhawk.....a bit better. I have trouble ordering custom fit items butt I have a friend who is an excellent photographer (John ) and I am tempted to go through the photographic process and get the seat nobody complains about- Russel Day Long.
    Good luck.
    Report back when you can.
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    See my reply to this thread:

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    Anyone have luck with the Saddleman Adventure Track? The cutout looks like it would really take the pressure off.

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    Stock seat was brutal (pushed me forward). Picked up a BMW "comfort" seat, not much better after an hour. Recently got a Touratech seat and it seems to have solved the problem. It is mostly flat and doesn't push me forward or crowd me into handlebars. Once the weather here in New England cooperates, I will be testing it on longer adventure rides, but so far, I like it.

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    Try a custom seat (re-)builder

    Most custom seat (re-)builders can make specific augmentations to the foam or seat pan to help this situation. For myself, I physically visit Mr. Ed's Moto in Albany, Oregon. The folks there (Don Weber or his apprentice) tear down my existing seat, measure my butt (and that of my wife), build up new seat cushion with different foams for different "hot" or "sensitive" parts, and then make a new-to-fit cover. It takes about 4 hours; a specific appointment allows them to do the exact fit.

    Working with Mr. Ed's turned my 1-hour OEM saddle of 800cc F-series into an all-day saddle. It is a WONDERFUL improvement.

    Other seat builders - even the big names - can do a creditable job, but most also offer appointments to do "true custom" while you're there to make a perfect fit. Ask them about it.

    Check if anyone in your area can do this while you wait!
    James D. "Jim" Howard

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