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Thread: F-Twins Tech F650/700/800 - Engine Oil Change with Filter

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    F-Twins Tech F650/700/800 - Engine Oil Change with Filter

    The articles, posts and comments in this tech section are posted by individual members and reflect their personal thoughts and experiences with repairing, maintaining, and generally working on motorcycles. This information may require specific knowledge and skills, may or may not be correct or current to model.

    The authors of information found here and the BMW MOA take no responsibility for ensuring the accuracy of any information (including procedures, techniques, parts numbers, torque values, tool usage, etc.), or further for any damage of any kind or injuries incurred or caused by anyone following the instructions or information found here.

    It is the duty of the individual to either assume the liability himself for responsibly using the information found here, or to take the bike or accessory to a Dealer or other qualified professional service.

    Lastly, please ensure you dispose of your used chemicals, oils and fuels in an environmentally responsible manner. Most Auto Parts stores and service stations will accept used oil and lubricants, tires and batteries, please check for your local availability. Here's a link where you can look up a place to dispose of your used fluids (oil, coolant, brake fluid, etc.) -

    This article, text and photos are Copyright of the individual authors and the BMW MOA, any copying or redistributing is permitted only by prior written authorization.


    Changing the Engine Oil and Filter on your BMW F650, F700, or F800 Twin-Cylinder Motorcycle

    Besides tires, there is nothing more hotly debated on various motorcycle forums than engine oil. Personally, I ascribe to this thinking: "Having engine oil is better than having no engine oil. Having engine oil at the correct level is better than having engine oil that is too low or too high. Having the correct viscosity/rating is better than the incorrect viscosity/rating. Finally - Having clean oil is better than having dirty oil."

    With that in mind, BMW currently recommends that the 650/700/800 twin-cylinder "F" motorcycles use a SAE 15W-50 API SJ/JASO MA2 type of oil.

    Originally, BMW recommend a different weight of oil, but then released a bulletin in March of 2013 (71-04-2013 (005)) noting the switch. At the same time, all of the motorcycle owner's manuals received the updated specification. The SJ rating denotes the oil has been tested according to the American Chemistry Council Product Approval Code of Practice and may utilize the API Base Oil Interchange and Viscosity Grade Engine Testing Guidelines, while the JASO MA2 is the "Japanese Auto Service Organization's" rating for modern motorcycle engines where the wet clutch, gearbox, and engine used the same oil. JASO-MA2 rated oils do not contain friction modifiers which could cause our F-twin bike's clutch to slip. (Think of all the trivia contests you're going to win now!)

    Note 1: The specific bike shown is a 2013 F800GS, but the oil/filter change should be applicable to all twin-cylinder F650, F700 and F800 bikes and models
    Note 2: The tools and materials used are by personal choice and are not due to any affiliation with any brand
    Note 3: Early model F-twins came with a 24mm bolt as the drain plug, most were (and should be) replaced with the style that uses a 10mm hex socket. That "new" drain plug BMW Part Number is: 11 13 7 708 604

    Materials Required:
    - 3.1 quarts of BMW (or equivalent) 15W-50 oil
    - Oil Filter - BMW Part Number: 11 42 8 409 567
    - Crush washer for drain plug - BMW Part Number: 11 41 7 652 949

    Tools Required:
    - Oil filter wrench that fits the oil filter above (sold at many online retailers and your favorite dealer)
    - 10mm hex socket (or possibly 24 mm 6-point socket)
    - Ratchet(s) that fits both of the above
    - Torque wrench(es)
    - Drain pan
    - Paper towel, rags, or your least-favorite t-shirt

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