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Thread: Marketplace dropdown is missing my town

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    Marketplace dropdown is missing my town

    I live in Highlands Ranch, Colorado along with 100,000 other people in my town. The dropdown town selector on the Marketplace doesn't have my town. Could you please add it?
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    Bill -

    I've not put an ad up in the Marketplace, so not sure what is needed. I did a search in the Marketplace for zip code 80130 and found stuff in Littleton, CO, not far away.

    We can pass this on to the office for review. The forum and the Marketplace are separate functions.

    -- update -- I dropped an email to Tori in the office...maybe she can look into this next week.
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    Good Morning,
    I was able to go in and update the Cities in Colorado.

    I have also gone in and updated your ad to reflect the correct City.


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    Thanks for the help Tori.
    I wonder why your post count reset back to 1 ?
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