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Thread: Murrells Inlet area dealers

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    Murrells Inlet area dealers

    I have a friend in the Murrells Inlet area that is looking to purchase a new BMW. He doesn't like walking into a dealership just to purchase. He is wondering if anyone recommends any dealerships in South Carolina or area, does not mind traveling to purchase, but has had some bad experiences in the past with BMW dealers (why he originally sold his bike).

    Anyone that may have some recommendations for purchase or some good experiences with certain dealers please let me know!

    Once he purchases, I will be convincing him to come back to the MOA

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    At Murrell's Inlet you will be about 1.75 hour from the Charleston SC dealer, about 4 hours from both the Raleigh NC dealer and the Charlotte NC dealer and about 5.5-6 hours away from the Greenville SC and Asheville NC dealers. These are one way drive times. How far do you want to drive/ride?
    I know folks who give thumbs up on their bike purchases at the Greenville, Asheville and Charlotte dealers.
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    I've had nothing but good experiences with Motorcycles of Charlotte. Much bigger inventory than both Touring Sport in Greenville and Champion in Charleston. Good Luck and just buy the d... motorcycle!!
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    We lost our dealer, Cape Fear BMW during the Bush Depression; but we are getting a new one soon.

    I was contacted by Shane Heffernan Sales Guide for the BMW, Triumph, Ducati Wilmington dealership and here is what he said:
    " We are very excited for the new store and grateful we have people such as yourself to support the brand! I will keep you updated with our progress! Please reach out to me anytime if you have questions, or if you just want to ride sometime! We have three demo bikes here at the Audi store if you would ever care to ride one. My cell is 336-937-5364. Please call or text me so I can save your contact information. Cheers!"
    The store is currently under construction and they are aiming for a grand opening this summer. Be that as it may, It looks like their supply chain is already in place incase you're in the market for a new bike this year.

    You can give Shane a call and he will take care of you.
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