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Thread: Looking for a good BMW mechanic

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    Looking for a good BMW mechanic

    My wife and I full-time RV and do not have a garage available to do major work on our bikes. Her bike is a 2014 BMNW F700GS with ~18000 miles. During the month of December we will be located in Congress Arizona. I would like to find a great BMW mechanic to give her bike a look. She bought the bike with 7300 miles in August of 2018. Since then I have done the oil and filter maintenance, drive chain adjustments, brake inspections, etc. I have not done valve check/adjustments or I guess what one would call the recommended service as per the book.

    So if anyone can recommend a great mechanic that won't fleece me that is within 100 miles of congress that would be greatly appreciated.

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    Some recent discussion about service in Arizona, and maybe what used to be:
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    thanks much

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    Some close friends of mine - a married couple, with several BMWs in their garage - used to live halfway between Phoenix and Tuscon. They had several "issues" with the Chandler shop, and zero issues at Iron Horse.

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