I suggest a new Main Forum patterned (if not copied) after the AMA's "Crash Course" forum on under "Members Only".

To kick it off I will pass on one of my two contributions to "Crash Course".

I was leading a group of four friends on a poker run and we were looking for a

restaurant. As we passed through city streets at 20 to 25 mph a restaurant

suddenly appeared on the left as we passed some tall bushes.

Indicating for the others to turn in by pumping my left arm wasn't so bad I guess but I should have kept going and came back as the turn had tightened up for me.

What can I say? I applied the rear brake to make the turn, the rear tire locked for just a split second and skidded out no more than a few inches but it was enough to put the handlebars into a violent head shaking. I managed to get my left hand back on the grip but the shaking was too violent, the bike convulsed throwing me off over the high side.

I landed flat on both hands (yes, good gloves), chest and ribs (Barbour
coat) body slam fashion that was lucky in that no small area of (that part) of my body took critical shock.
However I can't say the same for my head.

There was no way I could stop the right side of my head from hitting the road with a whipping motion (that likely would have thrown even the best unbuckled helmet from my head) and loud crack that would have split my skull had I not been wearing a (very good) helmet.

As it was I walked away with sore ribs and chest muscles for a few days.
In fact after my friends straightened my front brake lever and picked up the
pieces of broken windshield we ate and finished the poker run!

Uh, there is one other small detail: My rear tire was worn to near bald.

Gerald L. Barrowman 51145