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Thread: re-build drive shaft on 2015 R T

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    re-build drive shaft on 2015 R T

    Does anyone know if someone is rebuilding drive shafts for my bike. The u joint end is messed up.

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    Welcome to the forum! Possibly some ideas and/or reading is in these threads:

    Hopefully some current owners will be by to help out.

    If some time goes by with not much visibility, then one of the moderators can move this to the Wethead forum.
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    ADVRider thread on R1200LC Driveshaft issues and U-joint Failures - over 1500 entries

    My '14 Rear U-Joint developed a sticky spot on one phase at 48,000 miles, I replaced my driveshaft.

    The OEM U-Joint is "Not serviceable" however that joint is available

    This ADVRider thread details U-Joint Replacement and shaft alignment

    There is a company in Michigan that rebuilds driveshafts for LC bikes with mixed results reported.

    Ted Porter/The Beemer Shop does not offer a driveshaft for LC bikes yet, they do offer replacement shafts for earlier models.
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